Why did we move again?


We keep asking each other, “Why did we move again?”. The boxes and projects seem never ending (not to mention the fun surprises, will do a post on that later), and we look at each other regularly like we must have lost our minds! To be truthful, there were several little reasons that added to the equation, then there was the big one…a new job with a long commute.

It was discussed in length, I tell you, even if our friends, neighbors, and families thought it was a quick decision (love you Lauren!). The new job was in process for several months. We waited to see if it would ever even happen, then it did…CRAP!

Now what?!? Do we stay in our home, that we had custom built 7-years ago, hand-picked everything, and put a lot of time and work into ourselves? Do we move so that we actually get to spend time as a family? There really was only one answer.

The house sold in 2 days!!! Yes, you read that right. We had 5 offers, all at or above asking price. Well, I guess we really are moving. Goodbye previous dream home.


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