Search for THE house


Once we were under contract, it was time to start the search. To build again or to buy an existing home?…that was the question.

We are lucky to have an amazing realtor, that we also consider a friend, which made the search even more fun. We had been looking online (prior to selling) to get an idea of what was out there and the area’s we were interested in.  If you are familiar with the Salt Lake Valley, you know that the East bench does not have a lot of land for building. This is part of the appeal and price tag. The area is established, with beautiful mature trees and a variety of home styles to choose from. We looked at a lot of houses, both online and in person. We had two that we were in love with (and by “we” I mean me…I was smitten!). Both we had only seen online. The first one would be within walking distance to my husbands new job, was in a great area with a large lot, and looked like it needed little work. It went under contract the same day ours went up for sale…ugh. Okay, not meant to be. This does not mean that I didn’t pout, torture myself by looking at pics of it online, and drive past hoping the SOLD sign would be gone (this is normal for a home you’ve never seen in person right?!?). The second home was STUNNING! It too was in a fabulous area, great yard, and still close to the new job, but was over budget and not by just a little. Well, you now know I like to torture myself (see above), so we went to see it. Thankfully, for me, my husband, and our realtor it was scary inside. An almost 100-year-old home, that looked immaculate on the outside, but needed a complete gut on the inside. Good thing it was over budget already or I may have been tempted to do just that. Back to square one.

As our searched continued, it was becoming clear that we would be buying a fixer upper. Everything that had been remodeled already would put us over budget, and/or wasn’t our taste. The new constructions were all over budget or not in areas that we wanted to build. We decided that we were fine with buying a fixer upper for a few reasons:

1. I love a good project and seeing as our last home was completely finished, I was looking forward to getting my hands on something I could make my own again (I may have bitten off more than I can chew, more on that in a later post).

2. My husband grew up working construction, for his father’s business, in the HVAC trade. Thankfully, due to that, we know a lot of great people in the construction field and he is very handy.

3. We weren’t afraid to put in some hard work, knowing that it would be worth it in the end. Previously, we had bought a foreclosure that we lived in for 4-years, fixed up, then sold to build our dream home (from the first post).

Cutting to the chase…we looked at several more homes and thought we had finally found the one. It needed some work, mostly paint, but we could see us living there. I had already created a Pinterest board and drawn out my design changes for it, so you know I was all in. I went with our realtor to look at a few more homes on our list (just to rule them out), when he showed me the house you see in the picture above, and I just knew…this is our house! I brought my husband, our kids, and my family back to see them both. Everyone agreed that this was the house. It just had that feeling of home for all of us. I should also mention that we have a very independent little 4-year-old, that does not like change. He was adamant that we were not moving and refused to look at houses with me (even a house with a pool!), but when we all came to see this house he said, “We buy dis house.” If it can please even the most stubborn, you know you have a winner.

Follow along as we take this beautiful house (with so much potential) from dated to dream house!

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