“Summer days drifting away”…

Why does summer not last longer?? My birthday is in June, so this probably contributes to why I am a summer girl. Sun, sand, swimming, sandals, sun dresses, shorts, tans, and the heat…I love it all! I could easily live somewhere that is warm year round, namely Maui (my favorite place), and someday hopefully that will be the case, but for now, we definitely made the most of it.

A little backstory on my family: My mom was born and raised in London. She used to spend her summers visiting her sister, who married an American, and moved here. One of those summers, she met my Dad, and later married and moved here too. We still have many family members that live in England, and have been lucky enough to travel to Europe to stay with them, and vice versa, over the years. My 19-year old cousin decided to come to Utah for his summer vacation. He ended up staying with us for 5 of his 6 weeks here. This could not have come at a better time for me personally. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and fried from everything that had occurred over the past few months and I’m sure the kids were bored with packing, moving, and unpacking as their daily activity.

As I said in my first post, we had decided to move to be closer to my husbands new job, but I didn’t mention that he had torn his Achilles Tendon and needed to have surgery to repair it. This was just prior to him getting the new job and us listing our home…not great timing:/ (when is anything ever though?!?). Unfortunately, he had to be completely off his foot (non-weight bearing) for 1 month. Not really conducive to moving furniture! This left me to get our home ready for sale, packed, and moved. While I am a go-getter by nature, all that packing/moving/unpacking and then painting 4 rooms in the new house left me needing a break…before I had a break-down. Thank you summer and Josh (my wonderful cousin) for the time I needed to recharge. I will have to do a post with all our fun adventures, but without further ado…L’s completed room.

BEFORE: The “Peach Pit”… (not the cool one from 90210)







***Excuse the wrinkled bedding, had just been washed and my dryer thinks its okay to roll bedding into balls:{…does anyone else’s do this?***

For those of you that don’t know L, he just turned 5 and his favorite color is green. Hard to tell…I know. L has always loved green and went through a phase, for about a year, where he would ONLY wear green. Apparently, the previous owner had a mutual love of green. I already have 4 green rooms (that will be getting painted over, much to L’s dismay), so when he asked me to paint his room green, I just couldn’t do it. Don’t get me wrong, green is not a bad color, but it is not what I would choose for my master bedroom, master bathroom, dining, and living room! I had already purchased the Pottery Barn Kids bedding, when it was on sale, planning to use it when he got older. When we ended up moving, I wanted to paint and decorate their rooms to be able to grow with them. I designed this room not only for his love of green, but also for his love of trucks and trains.

When your Grandpa (“Papa”) builds, restores, and owns an old truck…

iphone photos 885

…and builds you, your siblings, and your cousins a Grandkid Railroad (G&K Railroad) in his backyard, it’s kind of a given that you would love them too. Coolest. Grandpa. Ever! These lucky kids spend their weekends taking rides in Papa’s truck, going to drive-in movies in it, and quite literally working on the railroad.


Papa had given L this cool truck (before we moved) that was my inspiration for his room. Silver, green, and white with a pop of blue for the color palette.


I like reusing items whenever possible, my husband likes this for our budget too, so the blue accent was to incorporate his bed from our last home. Here is a pic of L’s room at our last house. The boys crib set had the same color scheme as the bedding in this picture, so I was able to use this room from birth through toddler years, for both of my boys, with only changing out the crib/bedding.

In the new house I also:

1) Repurposed his lamp by spray painting the lamp base gray.

2) Reused the Ikea Trofast storage bin in D’s room, buying a couple new red cubby’s from Ikea (very inexpensive change). See: The Ships Cabin

3) Reused many of his accessories and wall décor, purchasing an additional book shelf to match the one we had.

Another tip that might help some of you with your budgets: I sell the larger, more expensive furniture items, toys, and bedding on KSL (our local classified ads) or KID 2 KID (a children’s thrift store), when they have outgrown them. Then, I use the money to purchase the new décor and paint for projects.

We also have two great local charities that we donate to: Deseret Industries and Savers. I keep a large, plastic bin in my garage, where I put out-grown clothes, shoes, and no longer used items. This helps me to keep clutter at bay and when the bin is full, I drop the items off at one of these locations. This has also been a great tool in teaching my children about donating, helping others, and being grateful for what they have. We have had many “life-lesson” talks on our donation runs and when it comes time to purge toys, my children are much more willing to do so knowing where/why/who they are going to.


Back to more pics of the new room.


I absolutely love these Collector’s wall shelves, from Pottery Barn Kids! I have them in all my kids rooms because they don’t take up precious floor space, while holding a ton of books. Check them out here: Collector’s Shelves.  Another organization thing I love are these rods and hanging cups, from Ikea. Perfect for corralling little items (i.e.: electronic device cords, Leap Frog readers, small toys, and coloring supplies). This bar and all four cups is under $10.


We had the bottom green and blue truck signs, from Land of Nod, in L’s last room. My parents bought him the others for his birthday, last week, from Hobby Lobby. I thought it would be cool to add antique road signs and license plates to the wall, as we travel.


Another inexpensive update: Switching the gold closet knobs to silver.


These plastic locker bins were $1 from Dollar Tree!


The larger, green bins and hangers are from Ikea.


These Trofast bins have been used in all 3 of my kids rooms. I just move them around as needed, swapping out the colored drawers to match the room they are in. These cute, galvanized tags were from the $1 bins at Target.


This fantastic toy organizer is from Pottery Barn Kids. It was exactly what I needed for his large Thomas the Train and Hot Wheels tracks. L decided he wanted bins in these cubby’s too, so that he could take the all the trains out at once to play, but not necessary with how deep the cubby’s are. If you are looking for a sturdy piece of furniture with great storage, I would recommend it! Under $300, comes in other colors, and relatively easy to put together. The railroad signs are from Papa and the display trains were Papa’s when he was little. Do I think Papa is crazy for letting him play with these?!? Yes! These are some of his “extras” though, and let’s face it Grandparents let our kids do whatever they want and revel in it! I can’t tell you all the old, likely antique, stuff my kids get to play with.


Now, L may not have gotten a room with the beautiful dormer windows, like big brother and sister (youngest tends to get the short end of the stick in some instances), but he did get quite the view! Day…



or night! (This pic does not do it justice!)

IMG_6300 - Copy

Goodnight, from L’s room with a view! I promise to come to terms with summer’s end, get back to projects, and not take 2 months until the next post (Yikes! Sorry about that.)

-Nat @ KDL Living


Ikea: Trofast storage unit, large green bins (in closet), green hangers, and green hanging cups on metal rod.

Hobby Lobby: Metal signs on walls (with the exception of green and blue truck signs).

Land of Nod: Green and Blue metal truck signs, and green laundry hamper.

Target: Large gray totes with rope handles (holding all the train tracks and cars under book shelves), Robot piggy bank, galvanized tags, stacking toy storage shelves with sliding doors.

Home Depot: Behr Marquee Paint in Satin Finish- Silver City, Green Plaza, and Ultra Pure White. Hampton Bay light fixture.

Lowe’s: Closet door knobs

Pottery Barn Kids: Collector’s Shelves, Store-It Cubby, Rugby Stripe finial and hardware set in gray/white, Anywhere Chair with Grass Green cover.

Pottery Barn: PB Classic stripe drape in Smoked Gray

Walmart: Lamp (have had this for several years, so likely not sold anymore).

Dollar Tree: Small green locker bins

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  1. My goodness, I don’t know what I love more the adorable pictures or your color palates! Thank you for inviting me in. Cheers!


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